Harem Anime Girl Characters' Personality Types

Types of Girl Character Personality


A tsundere is a character who seems to be uninterested in another person while nevertheless doing things for them.

They're characters who aren't completely honest with themselves or their sentiments, or who are too ashamed to declare they love someone.

Their romantic partner is known as "Baka," which means "idiot." Characters in the Oujidere series act like tsundere but desire to be treated like kings and princes. This is the male version of hindered, whereas here is the female equivalent.

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Crazy people are referred to as Yandere characters. Yandere is a paranoid schizophrenic who has been driven insane by love or infatuation.

Some young people are clearly deranged from the start; they may have been broken victims of a horrific tragedy, or they may simply have a natural proclivity to become serial killers.

Yandere is a type of tsundere that appears sweet on the surface, but underneath they're crazy. They can be possessive, obsessive, and murderous.

Because of their psychotic and violent natures, Yandere characters are usually villains, yet they can still be "moe" if they win sympathy.

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A Kuudere is a character that is frigid, abrupt, and cynical by nature. They may appear emotionless and austere on the outside, yet they are really caring on the inside.

Characters in Kuudere talk in a quiet monotone and appear undisturbed by their surroundings. A Kuudere is a hikikomori who does not communicate with people.

A Darudere person is bashful and ashamed around others, but a Darudere person is cold and heartless. For different reasons, these sorts separate themselves from others.

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A Dandere persona may be uneasy or bashful on the inside. A Kuudere persona can communicate while maintaining their serenity (calm), yet prefers to remain silent. Hajidere characters are reserved for a specific individual, usually their love partner.



Characters from Nyandere have a habit of including the word "Nyan" in their speech. They could possibly be Nekojin, a cat-human hybrid.

They may say "Nya" while showing love. When there's a cat nearby, the girl starts acting like one (grows fangs, cat-ears, even if not really, but just drawn so).

A girl appears calm but becomes agitated when she encounters a cat.  A genuine cat (or anthropomorphic catgirl) is waiting for her owner.

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The Childhood Friend

Because they've known the MC the longest, the Childhood Friend is a formidable opponent for the rest of the harem.

The Childhood Friend is a tough opponent for the rest of the harem since she is kind, empathic, and usually a fantastic cook.

The Childhood Friend, who is very much the girl next door type, is generally adored by the other male characters in the story, who can't understand why the MC has never recognized how fantastic she is.

Regardless of how close she is to the MC, her chances of falling in love with him are slim to none; she is usually seen as a sibling rather than a love interest.

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The type of girl characters is Tsundere, yandere, Kuudere, Dandere, Nyandere, and The Childhood Friend for the personality.

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