Who is MC of Honkai Impact Anime?

 Main Character of Honkai Impact 3

Kiana Kaslana

Kiana is a passionate, charming, and naive young lady who sees the world as a battleground rather than a gloomy place to be avoided.

She has a loathing for the Hounkai beast as well as Sirin for the crimes she has committed, yet she is capable of giving individuals a chance to redeem themselves.

As Raiden and Himeko proved after their brief ownership. Her bravery and strength rendered her immune to the power of the Honkai, particularly Sirin.

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Kiana is a slim, white-haired girl with blue eyes and normal height, as is characteristic of Kaslana's descendants.

Even though her outfit changes frequently in-game and in other sources such as the manga due to the various battlesuits she uses in battle.

she normally wears her hair in braids and has a trademark cowlick on the top of her head known as "ahoge" (lit. idiot hair). In battle, she typically employs dual pistols as a weapon.

Kallen Kaslana

Kallen is Kiana Kaslana's ancestor and the most famous Valkyrie who has ever lived. She soon became Otto Apocalypse's infatuation, prompting him to create Theresa Apocalypse.

A clone using Kallen's DNA and the DNA of an Honkai beast dubbed "Vishnu." After discovering Yae Sakura asleep in a river, she develops love feelings for her.

The Ritual Imayoh (A-rank), Sündenjäger (A-rank), and Sixth Serenade are Kallen's battlesuits (S-rank).

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Kallen makes her first appearance as a child when she sees Otto Apocalypse's toy jet go over her backyard wall.

Kallen gets the toy and returns it to him by climbing over the wall. When she discovers he made it, she is blown away.

She invites Otto to join her "adventure" to "rescue the planet" and "make the world a better place." From then on, the two became close friends.


Assigned to produce mission reports on their research at St. Fountain, an African city close to the Cape of Good Hope, was Schicksal warrior Member X. Welt Yang had gone missing following a visit to St. Fountain, so their first task was to locate him.

He was a member of St. Freya before turning into a fighter, and he later joined Raiden Mei's third squad. After looking into strange happenings in St. Fountain, they discovered Welt Yang, a former 1st Herrscher and Anti-Entropy chief.

They came across Code XXI - World and Void Archives, who murdered Mei. Member X vanquished the World by charging his greatsword and unleashing the power of Honkai. Both members returned, drifting into oblivion, thanks to Carole.


Raiden Mei

Raiden was a happy but quiet child who lost her family since her father was an anti-Entropy supporter. She was comforted by pals Himeko and Kiana, and her happy disposition returned. She appreciates rainy days and has empathy for people like Sakura and Kallen.

The third Herrscher, Mei, is conceited and impudent, seeing her human body as a vulnerability. She still feels alone, though, and her interest in Kiana grows. She gradually comes to terms with her identity as Raiden Mei.

Raiden Mei

Bronya Zaychik

The youngest of her classmates, Bronya is little and slender with piercing silver hair and silver eyes. With the help of her robotic partner, Project Bunny 19C, she can travel around by floating, and she also carries cannons. Although Bronya doesn't express emotion much, she enjoys using sarcasm and calling attention to Kiana's shortcomings. She shares her collection of HOMU memorabilia with Principal Theresa. Even though she has a lone-wolf attitude, Bronya gets along well with the other females and shields Mei from Kiana's advances. She can play a supporting role in combat because of her icy demeanor and skill with Project Bunny. Bronya was proficient in shooting and improvised hand-to-hand combat before her injuries. Now and then, she uses Project Bunny to backstab opponents.

bronya zaychik


The main characters to focus on personality in Honkai Impact 3 are Kiana Kaslana, Kallen, Kaslana Adam, Raiden Mei, and Bronya Zaychik.

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