When do Tadano and Komi Start Dating?

When did Tadano and Komi start dating?

The relationship between Tadano and Komi, as the main characters, is called "Komi Can't Communicate." The story of the ground belongs to Komi Shouko for anime and manga.

Throughout the series, Komi develops feelings for Tadano, which she eventually expresses to Manbagi while confronting her about her feelings.

She describes Tadano as calm, aware, perceptive, and always willing to help someone in distress, among other qualities.

By the end of Chapter 306, the majority of Class 2-1 has discovered that Komi and Tadano are dating.

Because Najimi is one of the rare exceptions, and everyone knows they'd tell everyone if they found out, the classmates agree to keep it a secret so the two of them can go out in peace.

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Unfortunately, the instant they arrive home, Najimi figures it out. After a few minutes, the entire school is aware that they are going out.

However, as revealed in Chapter 317, Komi's father "kidnapped" Tadano on the day of their date to assess the boy's suitability for dating his daughter.

While Masayoshi eventually comes to accept Tadano's relationship and the two go on their date on a different day, Komi remains angry with her father for some time afterward.

Komi spends a lot of time in Chapter 318 with her girlfriends choosing an outfit for her first date with Tadano.

Komi and Tadano are dating as of Chapter 324, which is the most recent chapter in the manga (as of this writing).

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Shouko Komi

Madonna Shouko is a deafening. She trembles like a vibrating phone if she is compelled to talk. 

Her classmate, Tadano Hitohito, assisted her in overcoming her anxieties and achieving her aim of having 100 friends.

Hitohito Tadano

In his second year of middle school, Hitohito went through a chuunibyou phase. Reading the environment is one of his specialties.

On his first day of high school, he realized Shouko had a communication issue and became committed to helping her achieve her goal of making friends.

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The sound of Madonna Shouko is deafening. If she feels obligated to speak, she trembles like a vibrating phone.

Tadano Hitohito assisted her in achieving her goal of 100 friends. As of Chapter 324, the most recent chapter in the manga, the two are dating.

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