Is Girlfriend, Girlfriend Anime Worth Watching?


Girlfriend, Girlfriend Anime

Are you thinking about diving into the world of anime with "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" but uncertain if it's worth a while? Look no similarly! In this comprehensive evaluation, we'll explore all aspects of this popular anime series that will help you determine whether or not it is a need-to-watch or a bypass.

"Girlfriend, Girlfriend" follows the story of Naoya, a high college student who finds himself in an uncommon predicament whilst his crush, Saki, confesses her emotions to him. However, things take a surprising turn whilst Nagisa, every other woman, also confesses her love to him. Naoya, unable to pick between the two, shows all of them enter a relationship collectively.

The anime explores the complexities of love, friendship, and relationships in a funny and light-hearted manner. With its specific premise and charming characters, "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" gives a clean take on the romance genre.

Is Girlfriend Girlfriend a Harem Anime?

Yes, "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" (also referred to as "Kanojo mo Kanojo") is taken into consideration as a harem anime. Here's why:

Multiple love pursuits: The major protagonist, Naoya Mukai, finally ends up in a court with girls, Saki Saki and Nagisa Minase. He does not choose among them and tries to preserve romantic relationships with each of them.

Focus on the dynamics among characters: The anime explores the comedic and chaotic conditions that get up from Naoya's polyamorous dating. It additionally delves into the development of the relationships between the 3 fundamental characters and their feelings for each other.

Genre conventions: "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" functions many elements typically located in harem anime, such as fanservice, comedic misunderstandings, and competition between the affection pursuits.

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Is “Girlfriend Girlfriend” a Good Anime?

Whether "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" is an "appropriate" anime depends totally on your private possibilities and what you experience in an anime. Here's a breakdown of its execs and cons that will help you determine:


Hilarious and unique idea: The polyamorous courting at the center of the tale creates comedic situations and explores an uncommon dynamic not often seen in anime.

Charming characters: The predominant characters, whilst mistaken, are awesome and feature their boom throughout the story.

Engaging comedy: The anime relies heavily on slapstick humor and misunderstandings, which can be entertaining for fans of lighthearted comedy.

Decent animation and tune: The visuals and soundtrack are not groundbreaking but complement the comedic tone of the anime properly.


Shallow plot: The story normally specializes in comedic conditions and would not offer a good deal of depth or complexity.

Stereotypical tropes: Despite subverting some harem tropes, the anime still is predicated on a few commonplace clich├ęs in the style.

Fan provider: While slight, the occasional fan carrier elements may not be suitable for all visitors.

Uneven pacing: Some may locate the humor repetitive or the pacing inconsistent at times.

What Kind of Anime is Girlfriend Girlfriend?

"Girlfriend, Girlfriend" (Kanojo mo Kanojo) falls into several anime genres, depending on what elements you focus on:

Main Genres:

Romantic Comedy: This is the core style, with the story revolving around the hilarious and chaotic conditions springing up from the protagonist's polyamorous courting. Expect slapstick humor, misunderstandings, and romantic anxiety.

Harem: This genre entails a male protagonist with multiple love interests, which applies to Naoya's situation. However, "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" subverts some harem tropes by focusing on consent and verbal exchange between the characters.

Additional Subgenres:

School Life: The story takes area in an excessive faculty placing, exploring the characters' everyday lives and interactions inside that environment.

Ecchi: The anime carries mild fanservice elements, though now not to the volume of a few committed ecchi titles.

Unique Aspects:

Polyamory: While unusual in anime, "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" explores polyamorous dating with its demanding situations and dynamics.

Character Development: Beyond the comedic conditions, the anime delves into the characters' personalities, motivations, and emotional boom.


"Girlfriend, Girlfriend" is a unique combo of humor, romance, and school lifestyle factors, with a dash of ecchi and the intriguing twist of polyamory. Whether you experience those unique genres or admire lighthearted humor with a touch of romance, it is probably really worth finding out.

However, it is vital to observe that the anime tackles mature topics and situations, so recollect its content rating before watching.

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1. Is "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" suitable for every age?

   While the anime is typically centered on a teenage target audience, it includes themes and humor that might not be appropriate for more youthful viewers.

2. How many episodes does "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" have?

   The anime consists of Twenty-four episodes in total.

3. Does "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" have English dubbing or subtitles?

   Yes, the anime is available with English dubbing and subtitles for worldwide viewers.


In the end, "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" is a wonderful anime that offers a unique take on the romance genre. With its enticing tale, memorable characters, and a blend of humor and heartfelt moments, it is worth adding to your watchlist. Whether you're a seasoned anime fan or new to the style, give "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" an attempt—you may not be dissatisfied!

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