Anime Summer 2024

Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the vibrant international of anime this summer season? Anime Summer 2024 is promising to be one of the most thrilling seasons, with a plethora of recent releases, sequels, and surprises waiting for fans. Whether you are a pro otaku or truly dipping your toes into the anime universe, there can be something for every person to experience. Let's dive into what Anime Summer 2024 has in the shop!

What to Expect:

Anime Summer 2024 is about to be a feast for the senses, with a huge range of genres and issues to explore. From movement-packed shonen series to heartwarming slice-of-life dramas, there may be no scarcity of amusement options. Keep a watch out for quite expected sequels like "My Hero Academia Season 6" and "Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2," similar to thrilling new releases like "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Entertainment District Arc" and "The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2."

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Must-Watch Recommendations:

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what to study. Fear not! We've curated a listing of ought-to-watch guidelines that will help you navigate Anime Summer 2024:

[Oshi No Ko] Season 2

The anticipation for "Oshi No Ko" Season 2 is palpable amongst enthusiasts of the collection. Following a successful first season, the anime edition of Aka Akasaka's manga has been confirmed to be in improvement for a second season. While a particular release date has not been announced, the short renewal shows that 2024 might be the year when lovers can expect to peer the continuation of Aqua's journey. The upcoming season is about to pick up from the 5th arc of the manga, promising to supply extra of the fascinating blend of drama and thriller that has captivated audiences.

oshi no ko season 2

Fairy Tail: A Hundred Years Quest

"Fairy Tail: A Hundred Years Quest" is a charming sequel to the beloved "Fairy Tail" series, written by Hiro Mashima and illustrated by way of Atsuo Ueda. Launched in July 2018, this manga continues the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and his guildmates as they embark on a daunting, century-antique project on the continent of Guiltina. With sixteen volumes posted as of December 2023, fans eagerly anticipate the anime variation scheduled for release in July 2024. This series guarantees to delve deeper into the paranormal world of Fairy Tail, introducing new challenges and characters as a way to truly enchant its audience.

fairy tail a hundred years quest

Tower of God Season 2

The eagerly awaited 2d season of "Tower of God" is ready to ideal on Crunchyroll in July 2024. This follows the cliffhanger finishing of the primary season, which left fanatics longing for extra of Bam's quest to uncover the tower's mysteries and his courting with Rachel. The upcoming season promises to delve deeper into the complex narrative and man or woman dynamics that have captivated audiences, persevering with the variation of the famous WEBTOON series by SIU.

tower of god season 2

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian

"Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian" is a captivating mild novel series that has charmed readers globally. The story revolves around Alya, an excessive college female acknowledged for her splendor and occasional mysterious feedback in Russian, and Masachika, her classmate secretly familiar with her. This romantic comedy blends cultural nuances with the intricacies of stripling life, creating a narrative that's both enticing and heartwarming. The series has increased into manga and an anime version is about to most suitable in July 2024.

alya sometimes hides her feelings in russian

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World Season 2

The eagerly expected Season 2 of "Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World" is confirmed to be in production, with a predicted choicest in July 2024. Fans can look ahead to the continuation of the story from Volume 5 of the light novel, diving into a plot thick with political intrigue and a looming conspiracy that threatens the Nebulis Sovereignty. The unique cast is about to go back, making sure the characters' voices remain as familiar as their memories are beloved. While waiting, visitors in the US might be able to watch the upcoming season on Crunchyroll.

our last crusade or the rise of a new world season 2

Suicide Squad Isekai

"Suicide Squad Isekai" is an upcoming anime series that merges the popular DC Comics crew with the Isekai style, acknowledged for its testimonies approximately characters transported to, reborn, or trapped in a parallel universe or fable world. The collection is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Japan and Wit Studio, set to be most fulfilling in July 2024. It promises to combo the gritty superhero motion of the Suicide Squad with the fantastical elements of Isekai, supplying a fresh tackle to each genre.

suicide squad isekai

Days with My Step Sister

"Days with My Step Sister," additionally known as "Gimai Seikatsu," is a Japanese mixed-media project that has garnered attention for its precise storytelling. The narrative explores the dynamics among new step-siblings Yuuta Asamura and Saki Ayase, focusing on their journey from strangers to friends, and possibly extra. With its origins on YouTube and next variations right into a mild novel collection and an anime, the story delves into subject matters of the circle of relatives, relationships, and the complexities of mixed households.

days with my step sister

The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses Season 2

The eagerly anticipated Season 2 of "The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses" is shown to choicest in 2024. Following a successful first season, the anime edition of Kōji Seo's romantic comedy manga will hold to allure its target audience with the tale of Hayato and the 5 young girls who don't forget his grandmother's family. Fans can look forward to greater heartwarming and humorous moments as they delve into the subsequent chapter of this pleasant collection.

the café terrace and its goddesses season 2

2.5 Dimensional Seduction

"2.5 Dimensional Seduction" is a Japanese manga collection that has captured the hearts of many fans since its serialization commenced in June 2019. Written and illustrated by Yu Hashimoto, the tale revolves around excessive school student Masamune Okumura, an otaku who's drawn right into a whirlwind of events while the cosplay-loving Lilysa Amano joins his manga membership. The series cleverly blurs the lines between the 2D international of manga and the three-D fact, main to a unique '2.5-dimensional' revel. With its upcoming anime variation set to most excellent in July 2024, the collection promises to carry its captivating combo of romantic comedy to a much wider target audience.

2.5 dimensional seduction

No Longer Allowed In Another World

"No Longer Allowed In Another World" is a dark comedy and myth manga series that has captured the eye of many readers on account that its serialization commenced in October 2019. The tale follows the melancholic author Osamu Dazai, who unearths himself unwillingly transported to a fantastical world, opposite to his preference to locate the best area to die. The manga's precise blend of darkish humor and isekai elements has led to an anime model set to be most effective in July 2024, promising to carry Dazai's misadventures to a much broader audience.

no longer allowed in another world

Giji Harem

"Giji Harem," additionally called "Pseudo Harem," is a romantic comedy manga series using Yū Saitō. It tells the story of Eiji Kitahama, a high school student looking for popularity, and Rin Nanakura, a junior inside the drama membership who uses her appearance capabilities to create a harem of adoring girls for him. The collection, which commenced as a webcomic on Saitō's Twitter account, turned into later serialized in Shogakukan's Monthly Shōnen Sunday and compiled into six tankōbon volumes. An anime adaptation with the aid of studio Nomad is about to be top-rated in July 2024.

giji harem

Atri: My Dear Moments

"Atri: My Dear Moments" is a visible novel recreation that explores a poignant narrative set in a future in which lots of human civilization is submerged underwater. The story follows Ikaruga Natsuki, a boy who has faced super personal loss, as he discovers Atri, a robotic lady with human-like feelings, in the sunken ruins of his grandmother's laboratory. This sport intertwines issues of loss, desire, and companionship, inviting players to revel in an unforgettable summer season in a global wherein the bounds between human and gadget, fact and dreams, are superbly blurred.

atri my dear moments

Senpai Is an Otokonoko

"Senpai Is an Otokonoko" is a Japanese manga series that explores subject matters of romance and coming-of-age, with a focus on gender identity and recognition. The story follows Makoto Hanaoka, a younger guy who cross-dresses, and the complexities of the relationships he bureaucracy with Saki Aoi, a bisexual classmate, and Ryuji Taiga, his early life buddy. The narrative delves into their emotional trips, addressing societal expectancies and private desires. The manga has been well-acquired for its touchy portrayal of its characters and has been adapted into an anime series, reflecting its recognition and the resonance of its issues with a broader target audience.

senpai is an otokonoko

Koi wa Futago de Warikirenai

"Koi wa Futago de Warikirenai" is a Japanese mild novel series that interprets "Love among Twins is Indivisible." Authored by Takamura Shion and illustrated using Arumikku, the collection started publication in May 2021 beneath ASCII Media Works's Dengeki Bunko imprint. It explores the complexities of affection and relationships through the tale of Jun Shirasaki and the Jinguuji sisters, formative years of friends entangled in a love triangle. The series has additionally been tailored right into a manga and an anime, reflecting its popularity and the engaging nature of its narrative.

koi wa futago de warikirenai

How to Become Ordinary

The quest to emerge as regular can be seen as a journey toward embracing simplicity and authenticity in existence. It's approximately finding contentment within the everyday and appreciating the value of the mundane. This idea is superbly explored inside the anime collection "Shoushimin Series (How to Become Ordinary)", where characters attempt to steer nonviolent lives as regular residents, despite the chaos that surrounds them. The collection highlights the beauty of everyday existence and the importance of community and mutual assistance in accomplishing private boom and happiness.

how to become ordinary

Wistoria's Wand and Sword

"Wistoria's Wand and Sword" is a fascinating story set in a paranormal international in which the protagonist, Will Serfort, embarks on a journey to satisfy a promise to a youth pal. Despite his incapability to solid spells, Will's willpower leads him to Regarden Magical Academy, in which he should rely on his sword capabilities to navigate demanding situations and confront a bullying professor. This tale of perseverance and the pursuit of desires is about to come alive in an anime model in July 2024.

wistoria's wand and sword

Why Nobody Remembers My World?

"Why Nobody Remembers My World?" is an exciting identity for a Japanese light novel series that has captured the eye of many readers. The tale unfolds in a world wherein the fantastic struggle among 5 rival races has ended with humanity's victory, handiest to be "overwritten" in front of a boy named Kai. This narrative twist leads to a world ruled by dragons and demons, with humans losing the war in the absence of their hero, Sid. The collection explores subject matters of memory, identity, and the struggle towards rewritten realities, making it a compelling examination for fanatics of fable and adventure.

why nobody remembers my world?

Shy Season 2

The anime collection "Shy" has been showing to return for a 2nd season, set to premiere in July 2024. Fans of the superhero-themed display can stay up for persevering with the adventure with the timid protagonist, Shy, as she overcomes her insecurities to shield the arena from the hostile forces of Stigma and his allies. With new voice-forged members joining the manufacturing and the promise of similarly growing its specific take on superhero narratives, the approaching season is eagerly expected via its developing fanbase.

shy season 2

Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan

"Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan" is an intriguing identity that refers to a Japanese manga collection, which has additionally been adapted into an anime. The story revolves around Torako, a pupil with a hidden delinquent past, and Nokotan, a mysterious transfer pupil with antlers. This precise narrative explores themes of identification and secrets, set against the backdrop of college lifestyles and the chaos that ensues with Nokotan's arrival. The series has garnered attention for its mixture of comedy and slice-of-lifestyle elements and is about to ideal its anime adaptation in July 2024.

shikanoko nokonoko koshitantan

The Elusive Samurai

"The Elusive Samurai" is a captivating ancient manga collection penned with the aid of Yusei Matsui, serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on account that January 2021. The narrative is about the course of the tumultuous Kenmu Restoration, weaving the tale of Hojo Tokiyuki, a young lord with a unique expertise for evasion, as he embarks on a quest for vengeance after his own family's downfall. This collection has now not only garnered acclaim, prevailing the 69th Shogakukan Manga Award in 2024 but is likewise set to enlarge its attain with an anime adaptation using CloverWorks, expected to highest quality in July 2024.

the elusive samurai

Quality Assurance in Another World

"Quality Assurance in Another World" is a Japanese manga series that delves into the intricacies of an online game internationally plagued by system faults and insects. Authored by way of Masamichi Sato, the tale started serialization in May 2020 and has when you consider been compiled into 11 volumes as of April 2024. An anime version is about to be available in July 2024, promising to convey the particular narrative to lifestyles. The collection follows Haga, a debugger in this imperfect international, as he strives to repair the game's troubles, while NPC Nikola seeks to defy her programming and explore past her village. This series offers a clean attitude in the isekai style, focusing on the back-of-the-scenes work of video game warranty.

quality assurance in another world

The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies

The tale of the Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant unfolds in a realm where magic and thriller intertwine. Once archenemies are locked in an eternal conflict, their tale is one of fierce battles and clashing beliefs. Yet, as destiny might have it, their paths led them to a crossroads where information and common threats cast a not-likely alliance. This narrative arc symbolizes the transformative power of circumstances and the ability of adversaries to find a common floor in the face of extra-demanding situations. It's a conventional topic that resonates in many stories, reflecting the complicated nature of relationships and the possibility of redemption and unity.

the magical girl and the evil lieutenant used to be archenemies

Kijin Gentoushou

"Kijin Gentoushou," also referred to as "Sword of the Demon Hunter," is a charming historic myth collection that originated as a light novel via Moto'o Nakanishi. The story, which has been tailored into both manga and an upcoming anime series, unfolds in the Edo length and follows Jinta, a young man who turns into the dad or mum of a shrine maiden named Itsukihime. Together, they encounter a mysterious demon that speaks of some distance destiny, setting them on a journey that spans from the Edo to the Heisei technology. This collection delves into the undying question of what means in the back of wielding a sword, all while imparting a wealthy tapestry of Japanese folklore and a time-visiting journey.

kijin gentoushou

Too Many Losing Heroines!

"Too Many Losing Heroines!" is a Japanese mild novel collection that has captured the hearts of readers with its romantic comedy style. The tale unfolds in Toyohashi, Aichi, and follows the intriguing idea of heroines who enjoy loss, yet locate their specific paths to shine. Authored by using Takibi Amamori and illustrated by Imigimuru, the collection began booklet in July 2021 and has improved into manga and an anime edition set to most appropriate in July 2024. The narrative explores themes of affection, rejection, and the complexities of relationships through its colorful characters, providing a clean take on the romantic comedy trope.

too many losing heroines!

Dahlia in Bloom

"Dahlia in Bloom" is a charming tale that weaves magic, craftsmanship, and the journey of self-discovery right into a wealthy tapestry of storytelling. It follows Dahlia, a reincarnated magic tool craftswoman, who breaks unfastened from an undesirable engagement to pursue her ardor for magical toolmaking. Her adventures lead her to befriend a knight and start her agency, challenging the norms and blooming into her proper self. This tale has been adapted into various media, which include light novels, manga, and an upcoming anime collection set to most beneficial in July 2024.

dahlia in bloom

Twilight Out of Focus

"Twilight Out of Focus" is a fascinating Japanese manga collection that delves into the complexities of relationships and private boom. Serialized in Kodansha's virtual BL mag Honey Milk seeing that in June 2018, the story has been properly acquired for its nuanced characters and engaging plot. The series is written and illustrated by using Jyanome and consists of five parts, with three main tale arcs and two spin-offs. An anime version by Studio Deen is fairly anticipated and set to most efficient in July 2024, promising to deliver the difficult memories of Mao Tsuchiya and Hisashi Otomo to a much broader target market.

twilight out of focus

Na Nare Hana Nare

"Na Nare Hana Nare," which translates to "Be a Vegetable, Be a Flower," is the identity of an upcoming original Japanese anime television collection. The display is a coming-of-age sports drama that revolves around the subject matter of cheerleading. Set to top of the line in July 2024, it is produced using DMM.Com and animated with the aid of P.A. Works, recognized for its visually lovely and emotionally resonant storytelling. The series promises to explore the lives of high college women with diverse backgrounds and personalities, coping with their demanding situations whilst locating harmony and purpose through the act of cheering others.

na nare hana nare

VTuber Legend: How I Went Viral after Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream

"VTuber Legend: How I Went Viral after Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream" is a captivating narrative that explores the unexpected upward thrust to fame of a virtual YouTuber. The story follows the protagonist, Yuki, whose off-the-cuff remarks after an unintentional livestream seize the eye of visitors globally. This incident propels her to viral status, showcasing the unpredictable nature of internet fame and the effect of the digital way of life on individual lives. The story is a cutting-edge reflection on the energy of social media and the often skinny line between non-public and public personas in the digital global.

vtuber legend how i went viral after forgetting to turn off my stream

The Strongest Magician in the Demon Lord's Army Was a Human

"The Strongest Magician in the Demon Lord's Army Was a Human" is an exciting darkish fable and isekai mild novel collection that has captured the attention of many fans. The tale revolves around Ike, a human who has risen to prominence within the Demon Lord's navy as its maximum ambitious magician. Despite his fearsome reputation, Ike harbors a secret that would exchange the entirety: he isn't always a demon, but a human who uses his modern information to maintain his hide. This compelling narrative has been tailored right into a manga and an anime TV collection, set to the top of the line in July 2024. The series guarantees to mixture of action, magic, and the complexities of identification in a unique myth.

the strongest magician in the demon lord's army was a human

Delico's Nursery

"Delico's Nursery" is an upcoming anime set to premiere in the summer of 2024. It is based totally on a level play from the TRUMP series by Kenichi Suemitsu, which first debuted in 2009. The story unfolds in a gothic delusion of vampires raised as nobles, centering around Dali Delico, the head of a prestigious vampiric aristocratic family. The narrative explores topics of energy, immortality, and the complexities of vampire society, promising a unique mixture of drama and intrigue.

delico's nursery

Bye-Bye, Earth

The word "Bye-Bye, Earth" frequently evokes thoughts of space exploration and the human quest to locate new frontiers beyond our domestic planet. It displays a spirit of adventure and the pursuit of knowledge, as humanity reaches out to apprehend greater approximately our universe and potentially find other habitable worlds. This idea has been a pressure behind several space missions and maintains to encourage scientists and dreamers alike.

bye-bye, earth

A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring

"A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring" is a fascinating topic that explores the challenges and joys of parenting in a fantastical place. It's a narrative that resonates with the adventurous spirit of those who are looking to balance the thrills of exploration with the responsibilities of raising kids. This theme has been fantastically encapsulated in the anime "Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodateshinagara Boukensha Shimasu," wherein the protagonist, after an unexpected turn of events, unearths himself being concerned for youngsters in a world complete of danger and wonder. The tale gives a unique twist to the isekai style, blending the excitement of the journey with the heartwarming elements of family lifestyles.

a journey through another world: raising kids while adventuring

My Wife Has No Emotion

When a companion appears to lack emotion, it is probably a sign of emotional forgetfulness or a lack of emotional intimacy inside the courting. It's important to recognize that emotional connection is an ongoing method, and each partner needs to actively take part in nurturing this thing in their courting. Emotional neglect can stem from a variety of reasons, such as beyond experiences that affect one's capability to explicit or reply to emotions. Addressing this issue often includes open communique, empathy, and a willingness to seek knowledge and trade. Professional steering, together with couples remedy, also can be useful in these conditions.

my wife has no emotion

Elf can't be on a diet.

In the realm of delusion, elves are regularly depicted as beings with a near connection to nature and a diet that reflects their surroundings. They might desire foods that are considerable in their woodland homes, which include fruits, nuts, and flowers. While the concept of a food plan for elves can vary significantly in distinctive memories and mythologies, it is no longer uncommon for those mystical creatures to be portrayed with specific dietary behaviors that align with their stylish and airy nature. Whether an elf chooses to follow a weight loss plan or now not might rely on the lore of the fictional world they inhabit.

elf can't be on a diet.

Shinmai Ossan Boukensha, Saikyou Party ni Shinu hodo Kitaerarete Muteki ni Naru.

"Shinmai Ossan Boukensha, Saikyou Party ni Shinu hodo Kitaerarete Muteki ni Naru" is a fascinating story that follows the adventure of Rick Gladiator, a center-elderly man who embarks on a journey later in existence and will become an S-rank adventurer. Despite starting his education at an age whilst most might not forget it too past due, Rick's dedication and the rigorous schooling from the legendary Orihalcon Fist birthday party led him to an unheard-of electricity. His tale is a testament to the concept that it's never too overdue to pursue one's desires and that with enough dedication, everyone can overcome the chances and obtain greatness.

shinmai ossan boukensha, saikyou party ni shinu hodo kitaerarete muteki ni naru.

A Nobody's Way Up to an Exploration Hero LV

"A Nobody's Way Up to an Exploration Hero LV" appears to be a modern fantasy story that follows the lifestyle of Kaito Takagi, an average high school student with a low profile who spends his days exploring dungeons in Japan. His life takes a flip when he defeats an unprecedented golden slime and discovers a precious item that permits him to summon legendary beings. This marks the start of Kaito's journey from an ordinary life to turning into an exploration hero, packed with battles and adventures.

a nobody's way up to an exploration hero lv

I Parry Everything

"I Parry Everything" is a word that has gained popularity due to a Japanese mild novel collection with a comparable name. The series, written using Nabeshiki and illustrated using Kawaguchi, follows the adventures of a protagonist who possesses the unique capacity to parry any attack. This idea has been accelerated right into a manga and an anime TV collection, reflecting the developing fashion of testimonies wherein characters have one overwhelmingly powerful talent. The word encapsulates the essence of overcoming demanding situations with a novel, targeted expertise.

i parry everything

Mayonaka Punch

"Mayonaka Punch" is an interesting new addition to the arena of anime, set to best in July 2024. Created via Dōga Tōkō Shōjo and lively with the aid of P.A. Works, this collection guarantees a mix of comedy and vibrant man or woman dynamics. The tale revolves around the adventures of NewTubers, imparting a sparkling take on the digital content material introduction subculture. With a manga adaptation already in serialization and a mild novel within the works, "Mayonaka Punch" is gearing as much to be a multimedia sensation.

mayonaka punch

Dungeon Meshi

"Dungeon Meshi" is a charming fable manga collection that follows the adventures of Clay, a master thief on a quest to find her lost father inside the depths of a mysterious dungeon. Created via Sui Hutami, the collection has been serialized since June 2020 and has garnered a devoted following. The story's precise twist lies in Clay's transition from an explorer to a caretaker of the dungeon, wherein she learns to manipulate monsters and traps, including a layer of strategy and domesticity to the conventional dungeon-crawling narrative. With its upcoming anime version set to air in the Summer of 2024, "Dungeon Meshi" guarantees to carry its wealthy, imaginative world to a fair broader target audience.

dungeon meshi

Kinnikuman: Kanpeki Chоujin Shiso-hen

"Kinnikuman: Kanpeki Chоujin Shiso-hen" is an upcoming anime version set to superior in 2024. It is based totally on the Perfect Origin Arc of the unique "Kinnikuman" series, which changed into serialized from 1979 to 1987. The new series promises to convey the movement and comedy that lovers loved, with a modern contact. The predominant team of workers consists of Akira Satou as director and Makoto Fukami dealing with series composition, ensuring that the legacy of the liked superhero wrestling saga remains for old and new audiences alike.

kinnikuman kanpeki chоujin shiso-hen

Ramen Akaneko

"Ramen Akaneko" is a pleasing anime collection that has captured the hearts of many with its precise premise of a ramen shop run using cats. The tale revolves around Tamako, who stumbles right into a job interview at this uncommon eatery, handiest to discover herself becoming a caretaker for the feline staff rather than serving ramen. This captivating mixture of cooking, comedy, and slice-of-life genres offers a clean take on the anime culinary scene, set to premiere in July 2024.

ramen akaneko

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Divinez Season 2

"Cardfight!! Vanguard: Divinez" Season 2 continues the saga of intense card battles and fate-changing encounters. Premiering in January 2024, this season follows the exciting "Fated Clash" wherein six warring parties, chosen to wield the powerful "Six Desires" playing cards, engage in battles to have their desires granted. The protagonist, Akina Myodo, enters the fray with the hope of aiding his frail sister, placing the degree for a series of dramatic confrontations. With its blend of method and myth, the collection captures the creativity of card gamers and anime enthusiasts alike. The season concluded on April 20, 2024, leaving a legacy of memorable characters and epic duels.

cardfight!! vanguard divinez season 2

Harimaware! Koinu 2nd Season

The anime "Harimaware! Koinu Second Season" continues the tale of Koinu, a diligent dog navigating the challenges of a sudden professional shift. After his company's bankruptcy, Koinu embarks on an unusual process that involves pasting canine stickers around the city. Despite the peculiar nature of his work, Koinu's willpower shines through, supplying a blend of comedy and commentary on the unpredictability of lifestyles. The series is ready to air in the summertime of 2024, promising greater adventures and humor for lovers of the first season.

harimaware! koinu 2nd season

Sengoku Youko: Senma Konton-hen

"Sengoku Youko: Senma Konton-bird" is the continuation of the acclaimed series "Sengoku Youko," set to air in the summer season of 2024. This sequel promises to mixture of action, journey, comedy, drama, and romance, all at the same time exploring the rich tapestry of Feudal Japan with a supernatural twist. Fans of the authentic manga, which ran from 2007 to 2016, will be overjoyed to see their preferred characters embarking on new adventures, facing demons, and uncovering ancient mysteries with a current anime aptitude.

sengoku youko senma konton-hen


Q: When does Anime Summer 2024 officially begin?

A: Anime Summer 2024 typically kicks off in July, with new releases rolling out at some stage in the season.

Q: Are there any high-quality collaborations or crossovers occurring this summer?

A: While specific details may additionally moreover vary, anime studios often collaborate on unique projects and crossovers at some point in fundamental seasons like Anime Summer 2024.

Q: Are there any underrated gemstones well worth locating out this season?

A: Absolutely! Keep an eye fixed on lesser-seemed collections that might not gain an extremely good deal of hype but offer specific storytelling and compelling characters.


Anime Summer 2024 is shaping up to be an unforgettable season for anime lovers internationally. Whether you're attracted to motion, romance, comedy, or drama, there may be sure to be something that captures your creativity. So take hold of your popcorn, settle in, and get equipped for a summer season filled with epic adventures, emotional highs, and unforgettable moments inside the world of anime!

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