Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Review

 The Story

Ryu Yamada has a difficult time at school, with his weaken and fame of guilty. Urara Shiraishi is a class top student and beautiful girl. She climbs up the stairs and the Seven Witches.

He walks by her before tripping and colliding with her. They agree to trade bodies for the remainder of the school day. Yamada discovers Urara has been the subject of bullying.

Which he corrects by accidentally hitting her, giving the aggressor the impression that Yamada is afraid of her, scaring Sasaki away, and promising never to bully her again. 

When they try to shift back, they realize that the body swap was caused by a kiss rather than a collision.

Yamada and Toranosuke find that they can transfer bodies with a kiss. He was the one who resurrected the Supernatural Studies Club. A classmate, Miyabi Ito, arrives and expresses her wish to join the group.

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all main and support characters, yamada-kun and the seven witches

Main Characters

Ryu Yamada

He is a personality good-natured and angry boy. Ryu is a bad student image to school but sleeps in class and has poor grades.

He is a join to the Supernatural Studies Club to school. He is a former guilty, but he helps persons to their problems.

Urara Shiraishi

She is a personality very intelligent and beautiful girl. Urara is a brilliant student of Suzaku High and asocial.

At past incidents, her school girl dislikes and rejected applying to college in the future. She was highly esteemed by her teachers and her good idea student.

Toranosuke Miyamura

He is a personality very charismatic and good friends in general. Big sister in him about in never brought any friends.

One day in two friends is he was Ryu and Urara. Toranosuke is totally lazy and skews priorities, the leave to Ryu.

Miyabi Itou

She is a personality happy and tempting girl. Miyabi is a big fan of supernatural phenomenons. She did not in friends.

One day in joining a club to after her friends. She has fake items and psychic power so did not help.

Support Characters

seven witches

Ushio Igarashi

He is a personality wary, careless, and angry boy. They were friends with Ryu before high school.

Ushio in one day to Nene, but he switched personality to the loyal dog. Nene's control of any work to the cost of life and feelings.  

Meiko Ootsuka

She is a personality bland-spoken and bashful girl. The ability to telepathy to communicate with friends.

The scarcity to experience talks with people. Meiko is shown sneaky behavior in appearance, but Ryu shows good feelings to her.  

Main media
yamada-kun and the seven witches manga


The Manga series starts on February 22, 2012, and February 22, 2017, the twenty-eight volumes to end. It the Written by Miki Yoshikawa and Published by Kodansha.

Television drama

The Television drama series starts on August 10, 2013, and September 28, 2013, the eight episodes. It the Written by shin Ogawa and Directed by Mamoru Hoshi, Masataka Takamaru.


The Anime series starts on April 12, 2015, and on June 28, 2015, the twelve episodes. The two OAD and only OVA in anime series. It the Written by Michiko Yokote and Studio by Liden Films.


The story focus on Ryu Yamada and the Seven Witches with Suzaku High School.  The characters are main and support to be personality. The main media in three ways are manga, television drama, and anime.

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