Date A Live Movie Mayuri Judgement Review

What Is The Date A Live Movie About?

Date A Live Season 2 continued is the after story at Date a Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement. Miku Izayoi invited Shido, Tohka, and everyone to a day at a reserved indoor pool after a major performance.

Shido keeps seeing a girl named Mayuri later at night, but she soon vanishes after seeing her. The next morning, Shido notices a massive enigmatic orb that has suddenly begun to send a mysterious spiritual wave to Tengu City, which should have regained its serenity, but no one else notices.

Reine begins to assume that the orb's existence is due to the emotions that the six girls are expressing in response to Shido's feelings.

So she proposed that he go on a date with each of the six females in the following order: first, Kaguya, second, Miku, third, Yoshino, fourth, Yuzuru, fifth, Kotori, and finally Tohka.

Mayuri kept an eye on Shido while he went on dates with each of the six girls. Each time he fulfilled a date, the orb's energy dwindled, causing Kotori and the others to believe that the orb would vanish once all the dates were completed.

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Shido finally met Mayuri on his final date with Tohka, who disclosed that she was born from the energy of the spirits and that she would vanish once her task was finished.

Mayuri's orb, which she named Caraveare, got even darker before she could lift off after revealing her spirit to him.

It then sprouted wings and launched an attack on the city. Mayuri was also kidnapped before she flew away.

Tohka and the others begin fighting it, while Shido and Kotori devise a strategy to combat it. Shido's words activate Tohka's sealed spirit powers when he declares he wants to save Mayuri.

The others to be released, momentarily restoring their power and allowing them to be even more powerful in the struggle against Caraveare.

Caravelle transforms into a new form and assaults the gang after successfully rescuing Mayuri. Shido tries to stop it, but it blows Sandalphon away.

Shido is on the verge of collapsing with the beast as it prepares to release another blast, but Tohka can stop time and save him after gathering the other spirits' energy.

Shido and Tohka observe as the incident's damage is rectified a few days later. Tohka and the others ask Shido for additional dates towards the end of the film, but he flees as the girls pursue him.

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Mayuri is a shy young lady who rarely displays her thoughts. She frequently follows Shido around to keep an eye on his Spirit dates in order to help her and her Angel achieve their aim.

Mayuri appeared to be anxious about the idea that she might soon vanish. Shido, on the other hand, had a date for every spirit he had sealed.

she developed a desire to live instead of fading, as well as an unknowingly developed emotion of envy, which later caused Kerubiel to go insane.

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Shido has a crush on a girl named Mayuri, but she vanishes as soon as she sees her. Shido sees a giant enigmatic sphere that has sent a strange spiritual wave towards Tengu City. After that, the orb grew wings and assaulted the city.

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