The Last Wizard of The Century Before Episode 140

Detective Conan Movie The Last Wizard of the Century And SOS! Messages from Ayumi

The third film in the Detective Conan franchise is The Last Wizard of the Century. On April 17, 1999, it was released in Japan. SOS! The 140th episode of the Detective Conan anime is Messages from Ayumi.

Detective Conan Movie The Last Wizard of the Century

Kaito Kid has carried out 134 robberies in Japan, the United States, France, Germany, and 12 other countries.

The Kid recently announced his upcoming theft in his usual mysterious manner: "I will take the Memories Egg between the dusk of the Lion and the daybreak of the Virgin.

" Kaito Kid is suspected of stealing the egg between the hours of dusk on August 22 and daybreak on August 23.

Inspector Nakamori urges his officers to collaborate with their Osaka counterparts and to safeguard the eggs at all costs.

The Detective Boys pay a visit to Professor Agasa, complaining that Conan is heading to Osaka by himself.

The Memories Egg is a 600 million yen (m) gold egg-containing Tsar Nicholas II's and his family's memories.

Memories (RU: Bocoминaни) are written on the inside of the egg's book. Ran, Conan, Heiji, and Kazuha go to Naniwa Buddha Shrine to have their fortunes told.

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Ran is ecstatic with her "luck" and the message that says "if you wait, you will meet your love once more." When Conan discovers a note that says "a secret will be disclosed," he is worried.

Conan claims that the fireworks were let off to draw attention away from Tsuuten Tower, and he asks Nishino if he knows where the egg is.

Heiji and Conan ride their motorcycles after Kid, but Conan gets stranded at a dead end. Natsumi introduces herself to her great-grandfather.

On the bottom of an egg, Conan and Sonoko discover a mirror. Yokosuka Castle, erected by Natsumi's great-grandfather, is the castle Natsumi recognizes.

On her father's desk, Conan discovers a photograph of her boyfriend, Grigori, in a frame. Seiran and Natsumi were born two days apart in the same year, on May 5 and May 3, respectively.

Conan tells them he was born on May 4, which leads Ran to believe he is Shinichi. Conan is the main suspect in Sagawa's murder.

Takagi discovers the lost ring beneath Nishino's bed, making him the main suspect. The ICPO has given the unidentified serial killer the moniker "Scorpion."

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Conan contacts Professor Agasa and requests his assistance. Megure speculates on the identity of the assailant.

Conan informs everyone about "Scorpion," a thief who specializes in stealing Romanov dynasty valuables and shoots his victims in the right eye.

Shiratori claims he realized a lifeboat had vanished, meaning Scorpion had already made his getaway. The Detective Boys go to Yokosuka Castle, which is modeled after Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

Natsumi has never seen a photograph of her grandmother, who was born in Russia. Inui enters a vault hidden beneath a painting in search of the family heirloom.

One of the best-selling novels of all time is The Last Wizard of the Century. Conan and Natsumi are on the lookout for the century's "final magician."

SOS! Messages from Ayumi

Ayumi is sick, so her mother dashes out of the house to go shopping. She notices a strange man with a ponytail fumbling with the front door and tries to dial 911, but her fingers are too slow. She moves into a closet in order to have more resources with which to transmit a wordless message.

sos messages from ayumi,ayumi yoshida family


Conan, Shiratori, and the assailant reach the top of the last stairwell, and Conan nearly trips over Inui's body.

As they run up the stairs, the assailant throws a hand grenade at the stairwell, intending to let the cellar cave in.

While the room begins to burn, Conan reveals himself and proceeds to explain his deductions. When Conan and the Detective Boys are confined to their house due to a fire, they come across an egg.

After pushing Natsumi out of the course of a gunshot, Conan is positive that Kaito Kid is still alive. Ran chastises Conan after the credits for allowing "Shinichi" to leave with soot on his shoulders.

In the latest episode of the hit Japanese anime, the Detective Boys take on a robber. Conan, posing as Professor Agasa, offers the thief 5,000,000 yen in exchange for his life.

The remainder of the Detective Boys then takes advantage of the situation by spraying white foam into the robber's eyes.

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