How Many Episodes Citrus Anime?

How many Citrus anime episodes are there?

The total number of episodes is twelve. The main characters are Mei Aihara and Yuzu Aihara. The citrus anime genre includes drama, romance, school, and girl love. The story is demanding on Mei Aihara and Yuzu Aihara's characters.

Citrus Synopsis

Yuzu Aihara's mother remarried over the summer of her freshman year of high school, causing her to relocate to a new school.

This uncomfortable event is just another opportunity for a trendy socialite like Yuzu to make new acquaintances, fall in love, and finally experience her first kiss.

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Yuzu's aspirations and style, however, do not fit in at her new ultra-strict all-girls school, which is full of submissive shut-ins and overachieving grade skippers.

Mei Aihara, the attractive and imposing student council president, is immediately drawn to Yuzu's garish appearance and begins sensually caressing her body in an attempt to seize her cell phone.

Yuzu returns home, fatigued after her first day, to discover a stunning truth: Mei is her new step-sister!

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At first, Yuzu tries to be cordial with her, but Mei's cold shoulder habit drives Yuzu to start tormenting her.

Mei drags Yuzu to the ground and kisses her before she can finish her sentence, despite Yuzu's desperate attempts to get free.

Mei runs out of the room as soon as she's finished, leaving Yuzu to ponder the true nature of her first kiss and the mysteries beneath her new sister's anguished gaze.


There are twelve episodes in total. Yuzu Aihara's mother remarried, forcing her to relocate to a new school.

Yuzu's aspirations and style do not fit in at her new ultra-strict all-girls school. She returns home to discover that Mei is her new step-sister.

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