"Ranking of Kings" Belongs to What Genre?

What genre does "Ranking of Kings" Fall Under?

The anime genres are action, adventure, drama, fantasy, seiyuu, demons, and magic. The main characters are Bojji and Kage.

The focus of the story is Bojji's adventure. premiered in the fall of 2021, and the studio is Wit Studio.

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Synopsis of Ranking of Kings

The Bojji have significant problems in that they need to hear and speak. The kingdom is that of Bojji, called the Useless Prince. One friend is Kage.

Kage helps Bojji on his adventure. The Bosse is king in the Bosse Kingdom. Bosse has two brothers, Bojji and Daida, and two wives, Sheena and Hilling.


The anime's fall 2021 debut was held, and Wit Studio produced it. The Bosse is the current monarch of the Bosse Kingdom.

He has two brothers named Bojji and Daida, as well as Sheena and Hilling as wives. Kage is one of them.

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