Is Strike The Blood Finished?

Is Strike The Blood Complete?

The Strike the Blood anime series starts on October 4, 2013, and ends on July 29, 2022. Strike The Blood has five seasons and a total of sixty-one episodes.

The anime genres are action, ecchi, fantasy, horror, superpower, supernatural, and vampire. The main characters are Kojou Akatsuki and Yukina Himeragi.

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Synopsis of Strike The Blood

The high school boy is Kojou Akatsuki. The most powerful of the Four Primogenitors is Kojou Akatsuki. Yukina Himeragi, a middle school student.

Yukina Himeragi is an organization of the Lion King Organization. Yukina Himeragi is seen in Kojou Akatsuki's daily life.


There are 61 episodes in all of Strike the Blood's five seasons. Action, ecchi, fantasy, horror, superpower, supernatural, and vampire are some of the anime genres.

Yukina Himeragi and Kojou Akatsuki are the primary protagonists. In 2022, Strike the Blood comes to an end.

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