Date of Live Season 3 Which Episode Best Fight of Shido

 Best Fight of Shido Episode

In this episode 5 with the best fight of Shido, the episode starts with Natsumi in disguise to Kotori and another spirits talks to them.

In other spirits to talks are a positive view. Meantime, the executives of DEM are attack Westcott, but digress a satellite to the collision at the city and the same city to Westcott.

Shido to search for Natsumi, sometimes to Kotori uses the angel of Camael and Halberd to destroy the satellite.

After in second satellite come into view and Kotori to weak to fight again, Shido attack to satellite, but the energy shield to weak attack.

The other Spirits and Natsumi to help are Shido with destroy in satellite. The finally Natsumi to power Spirit sealed are Shido. The time right away, a bomb is dropped on the tengu City, but Origami to the destroy with the bomb.

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Differences between Light Novel
  • Natsumi's escape from her quarters inside Fraxinus is skipped in this episode.
  • Natsumi's interaction with Shiizaki, dressed as Kotori, is cut.
  • Before the sealed spirits come to his aid, Shido uses Sandalphon twice in the Light Novel to destroy the falling satellite. He only does it once in this episode.
  • In addition, his promise to safeguard Tengu City from the crashing satellite is missing.
  • The entire sequence in Shido's residence where Ellen confronts him has been changed from the light novel are:-
  1. Which shows Shido struggling not to be scared by Ellen.

  2. Ellen threatened to cut Shido's ear off by placing her laser blade close to his face.

  3. Shido's effort to flee by pulling Ellen down.

  4. Ellen has surrounded the Itsuka family with reinforcements.

date a live season 3 eposide 5 team up


Shido Itsuka

An ordinary young man who had no interest in the opposite gender until compelled to by his younger sister.

He is now forced to deal with girls on a regular basis, which he was not accustomed to before. Another intriguing aspect of Shido's personality was noted by Kotori.

Shido has been exceptionally sensitive to other people's sadness as a result of being abandoned by his birth mother. He is regarded as the ideal individual to handle the spirits because of his empathizing character.

Natsumi Kyouno

The simplest way to characterize Natsumi's pre-sealed personality is as "self-loathing." Natsumi had a physiological perception disorder in which she saw everything, including herself, in a negative light.

She was prone to feeling envious of individuals who possessed nice or gorgeous facial and/or physique characteristics that she lacked.

natsumi kyouno, date a live season 3 character

Kotori Itsuka

Depending on the situation, Kotori has three distinct personas. Depending on the color of the ribbons she's wearing, her human demeanor changes.

When she wears white ribbons or none at all, she is her "weak self," a sensitive little sister who is completely reliant on her big brother; when she wears black ribbons, she is her "strong self," a charming and somewhat cynical leader capable of commanding the airship Fraxinus. 

According to Reine, the Kotori with white ribbons is the only one who can honestly express her feelings, implying that the Kotori with black ribbons is merely putting on a brave face since the situation demands it.

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