The End of Season 1 Episode 17 or 18 of Assassination Classroom?

 Overview Episode 17 and 18

Summer is here! It's insect time! It's erotica magazine time! While a group of Class E students is out gathering bugs to sell for pocket money in preparation for their trip to Okinawa, they come into Okajima, who has set a trap for Korosensei. Is perversion going to save the world!?

Everything is set for the assassination this summer. Class E's meticulously devised scheme is now being put into motion for their most heinous assassination yet. It's possible that Korosensei is coming to an end!!

which anime characters were represented in the end of season 1 episode 17 or 18 of assassination classroom

Summary Episode 17 and 18

In Tokyo, Japan, Korosensei is a high school teacher. For the past month, he has been secretly watching pornographic publications and has been set up by his students to murder them.

On top of the porn mags, the guys find their teacher costumed as an albino stag beetle with white eyes. Lovro was invited by Karasuma to assist in the training of the students as an outstanding instructor.

Before the students strike, Nagisa clarifies that they will use Korosensei's insect suit and porn mags (as well as his attempt to bribe the students that day) as blackmail.

The series' final episode will be released in December. Korosensei is a South African professor at the University of Cape Town.

By the end of the day's events, he was sunburned and needed to take a boat ride to cool off. His students expressed dissatisfaction with his charred exterior.

In New Zealand, a group of pupils seeks to assassinate their teacher after he burns his skin on a monthly basis.

assassination classroom episode 18

After forgetting about the measure, the teacher, Korosensei, is left with scorched skin for three days. Isogai assigns Korosensei to see a short video edited by Mimura, who worked on it throughout dinner.

He finds that two of the kids are missing after watching the movie and assigns them to snipe from a hill.

After failing to break the crystal sphere, Korosensei's effort to kill his teacher, Terasaka, fails. Karasuma clings to Korosensei as he consults with his superiors on the next step.

The students arrive at the resort depressed and fatigued. Terasaka Karasuma is enraged that the bounty has been claimed by a third party at such an inconvenient moment.

He offers Korosensei the antidote in exchange for the antidote, but only if the two tiniest students (Nagisa and Kayano) deliver Korossei to a hotel.

Differences between the Manga

In the manga, Korosensei's own training on Mount Everest is excluded from the anime. Similarly, the anime does not depict Karasuma's doubts concerning rumors of internal Ministry of Defense problems. In the anime, Irina's swimsuit was censored and replaced with a less exposed one.

assassination classroom episode 18 in ritsu

  1. Kunudon

  2. Nagisa Shiota

  3. Tomohito Sugino

  4. Hiroto Maehara

  5. Hinano Kurahashi

  6. Taiga Okajima

  7. Korosensei

  8. Irina Jelavic

  9. Koki Mimura

  10. Lovro Brovski

  11. Tadaomi Karasuma

  12. Masayoshi Kimura

  13. Hinata Okano

  14. Yukiko Kanzaki

  15. Kaede Kayano

  16. Rinka Hayami

  17. Manami Okuda

  18. Rio Nakamura

  19. Ryoma Terasaka

  20. Sosuke Sugaya

  21. Grip (silhouette)

  22. Gastro (silhouette)

  23. Kirara Hazama

  24. Taisei Yoshida

  25. Takuya Muramatsu

  26. Yuzuki Fuwa

  27. Ryūnosuke Chiba

  28. Kotaro Takebayashi

  29. God of Death (mentioned)

  30. Smog (as a bartender)

  31. Megu Kataoka

  32. Sumire Hara

  33. Tōka Yada

  34. Ritsu

  35. Yuma Isogai

  36. Karma Akabane

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