Why Is the Honor at Magic High School So Special?

The Role of Honour in Shaping the Characters of "The Honour at Magic High School"

The anime series to focus on the story is Shiba Miyuki and Her Friends. The story of the two siblings is Shiba Miyuki and Shiba Tatsuya.

Shiba Miyuki's friends are Amelia Eimi Akechi Goldie, Honoka Mitsui, and Shizuku Kitayama. Shiba Tatsuya's friends are Chiba Erika, Saijou Leonhard, and Shibata Mizuki.

The siblings are parents are Shiba Miya and Shiba Tatsurou. Shiba Miyuki is our older brother in Shiba Tatsuya. Shiba Tatsuya is our little sister in Shiba Miyuki.

the honor at magic high school anime


The first story of Fire of the Wall, where the little girl and people fall off the top but are saved by Shiba Miyuki,

The following adventures are about Miyuki and their friends. Her big brother is Shiba Tatsuya. Big Brother supports Shiba Miyuki, her friends, and her school.


Shiba Miyuki

Miyuki's appearance, feelings, and skills are complete. The two types of abilities are physical abilities and magical abilities. Sensory abilities are systematic magic, outer-systematic magic, and non-systematic magic.

Honoka Mitsui

Mitsui's appearance is active, with twin tails and a good brain. The types of abilities are systematic magic, hypno-eye, evil-eye, optical camouflage, light refraction magic, optical magic, and gamma-ray filter.

Amelia Eimi Akechi Goldie

Amelia Eimi's appearance is short, cute, and targeted. The types of abilities are a magic bullet, tantalum, explosion, and invisible bullet.

Shizuku Kitayama

Kitayama is an appearance-smart girl with complete skills and magic skills. The type of ability is resonance, phonon maser, active air mine, and data fortification.

the honor at magic high school characters


The focus of the story is Shiba Miyuki and Friends, High School. The characters are Shiba Miyuki, Honoka Mitsui, Amelia Eimi Akechi Goldie, and Shizuku Kitayama.

The Honour at Magic High School genres are fantasy, school, sci-fi, shoujo, and magic. The anime studio is Connect.

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