Is Osamake: Romcom Where the Childhood Friend Won't Lose?


The Osamake genres are Comedy, Harem, Romance, and School. The Sueharu Maru in childhood friends is Kuroha Shida and Shirokusa Kachi.

Sueharu Maru, Kuroha Shida, Shirokusa Kachi, and Maria Momosaka are the main characters. The studio is Doga Kobo. The Best Friend is Tetsuhiko Kai. The support characters are Tetsuhiko Kai and Rena Asagi. The Best Friend is Tetsuhiko Kai.

Synopsis of Osamake

The Sueharu Maru focuses story of daily life. Sueharu falls in love with Kuroha Shida and Shirokusa Kachi. A former child actor Sueharu Maru.

Maria Momosaka is like Sueharu brother. Kuroha Shida into jealous of Shirokusa Kachi. The Shida Sisters are Ginko, Aoi, Akane, and Midori.

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Characters of Osamake

Main Characters:

Sueharu Maru

He is a former child actor. Sueharu's is personality kind, smart, and carries people. His friends are Tetsuhiko Kai. His junior are Rena Asagi.

Kuroha Shida

Kuroha is personality cute, a good actress, and better talks. Her little sisters are Midori Shida, Aoi Shida, and Akane Shida. Her childhood is Sueharu Maru.

Shirokusa Kachi

Shirokusa is an actress from high school with a good appearance. She falls in love with Sueharu Maru. Her father is Soichiro Kachi.

Maria Momosaka

Maria is personality sweet, a good girl, and a lover. She is a smart girl and good at speaking. Her older sister is Eri Momosaka.

characters of osamake

Supporting Characters:

Tetsuhiko Kai

He is my best friend Sueharu Maru. He is a focus to Sueharu Maru are daily life. Him to help to Kuroha Shida and Sueharu Maru.

Rena Asagi

She is a senior are Sueharu Maru, Kuroha Shida, Tetsuhiko Kai, and Shirokusa Kachi. She is an older brother Tetsuhiko Kai.


The anime series are Comedy, Harem, Romance, School Comedy, and  Harem. The story focuses on Sueharu Maru. The characters are Sueharu Maru, Kuroha Shida, Shirokusa Kachi, and Maria Momosaka.

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